'EUROSUD is unique in that it is the only programme in the world that specifically studies Southern Europe'

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The Programme

Southern Europe has only recently been examined as a region with its own identity, distinct historical trajectory and independent presence in the world. We explore them in depth in our courses.

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We want to get as many students as possible involved in our programme and our students have found funding from an array of sources.

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Are you interested in learning more about South European countries? Are you keen to join our community and course? Then it’s time to find out about the details of the application process.

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Our students come from all over the world

Our Consortium Partners

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EUROSUD brings together a network of six European partner universities, significant cultural organisations, think tanks and policy practitioners with unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the region to offer a unique multi-disciplinary, flexible and integrated curriculum that facilitates cultural immersion through three international mobility periods, a multidisciplinary approach that sits between area studies and international affairs and critical tools and transferable skills that strengthen graduate employability.

An array of academic conferences, workshops and other socio-cultural events involving all consortium partners will help to make your EUROSUD experience a truly rewarding one in terms of making lasting friendships and equipping you for a future professional or research career.

University of Glasgow

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

LUISS Guido Carli

Aix-Marseille Université

Instituto de Ciências Sociais

Can Aydogan

Istanbul, Turkey

“I chose to study South European Studies mainly because it is a well-designed international programme. It is open to people from different backgrounds such as me a New Media and Social Psychology graduate. Moreover, it has a diverse curriculum that covers so many topics about the region throughout history. Finally, being able to study in Glasgow, Athens, Lisbon and Marseille was another factor that attracted my attention a lot.”

Arailym Raikhanova


“I have chosen this program because it allows students to study in three different European countries with an emphasis not only in theory but also in practice. My enthusiasm to learn about Southern Europe is connected to my interest in European countries. Coming from a country that is in the early stages of development, I was interested to learn how Southern European countries have been developed and democratized. I thought that studying and learning about Southern Europe can help me to apply my knowledge in the realm of my home country.”

If you have any queries about the programme, please contact eurosud@glasgow.ac.uk