Marta Avesani

Hi, I’m Marta from Italy, a final year student of the second cohort of EUROSUD. I am currently in Marseille for my internship at Plan Bleu, one of the Regional Activity Centres of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

When I started this programme in Glasgow, in the middle of the pandemic, I did not have many ideas or expectations about how things would evolve, given the gravity of the situation. Unexpectedly, apart from all the difficulties related to lockdowns and online classes, I made the most of the three mobilities, and I am very excited and satisfied with the results of the programme, and the precious friendships developed over the 2 years.

After Glasgow and Athens, I followed the pathway of the Aix-Marseille University. The programme focuses on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, and thanks to the seminars held during the semester by professionals in the sector, I got to know Plan Bleu, the association where I am doing my internship. Plan Bleu is very active in the region in the field of protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution and climate change. In fact, its work programme is approved every two years by the contracting parties to the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution. During my internship as assistant to the Deputy Director of the Association and of the Sustainable Development and Foresight Project Officer, I oversaw analysing and developing a foresight scenario for the 2050 horizon, in order to help formulate guidelines for Mediterranean countries to achieve the SDG targets by 2050. In addition, I oversaw writing different reports on the Blue Economy and on the adaptation of the maritime ecosystem to climate change, besides my dissertation on the development of the offshore wind industry. Finally, I was involved in the student association Tรฉthys, a Euro-Mediterranean university consortium linked to the Aix-Marseille University that allowed me to attend events such as the “Forum des deux rives” or the “Oceans’ mission 2030’s torchlight initiative” sponsored by the European Commission.

Although my knowledge about the challenges of climate change was limited at the beginning of the internship, the Master programme and in particular the French pathway helped me to lay the foundations to develop my knowledge in this field, which I appreciate very much. I am now starting to look for job opportunities in Marseille, and I am sure that this internship experience, as well as the network developed during the different mobilities, has provided me with valuable contacts to start my job application process.

by Marta Avesani