Hi, I am Zine from Algeria, a second-year student at the University of Glasgow as part of the EUROSUD program. Currently, I am working on my thesis at Aix Marseille University and doing my internship with the Middle East Institute, a think tank based in Washington.
This program has been an enriching journey, both professionally and personally. I was fortunate enough to study in Glasgow, Madrid and Marseille amidst the covid-19 pandemic. This constant mobility was a meaningful discovery process that helped me to sharpen my research skills, learn from different people and cultures and build an international and adaptative profile. Without forgetting The EUROSUD experience itself which has been an incredible chance for personal growth and professional projection.
For now, I focus on dynamics in North Africa at MEI and collaborate with projects on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. In that sense, work has been involving policy memos, briefs and roundtable discussions, which is rewarding for quantitative and qualitative research and interpersonal abilities. Moreover, the pace and variety of topics covered are illuminating on regional issues ranging from energy security and economic reforms to diplomatic tensions. It is also a useful push to move beyond my comfort zone, understand the region better and contribute to its development in a constructive manner. This professional experience reasserted my belief in the necessity of programs like EUROSUD and the valuable package they offer to us, youth.
The journey has so far changed my vision of things, challenged my assumptions and granted me the tools to build a wider Mediterranean perspective. I certainly appreciate the possibility of working with a diligent team and expanding my network while following my passion of international relations. For that, the EUROSUD pathway served as a great preparation phase and most importantly as a remarkable transformation opportunity.