Meet Carmel Silveira - EUROSUD International Master Student Internship




Hi everyone! I'm Carmel, I come from Brazil and I'm currently enrolled in the final yearย of the EUROSUD Master programme atย Aix-Marseille University.

I decided to undertake the professional track of the EUROSUD Master programme with the aim of developing my career as public policy analyst in Europe, while also having the chance to broaden my knowledge on migration. This is one of the main challenges at the Southern region, and the EUROSUD programme has provided me with the chance to focus on this subject throughout the two years of my studies and practices in Glasgow, Athens and Aix-en-Provence/Marseille.

At the moment, I am completing an internship at the European office of Rede Sem Fronteiras (Network without Borders), a network of civil society organizations and social movements that promotes the rights of migrants and refugees in Europe and Latin America.

Recently, we promoted the First European Social Forum on Migration (EFSM Lisbon 2021), which for me was a great work opportunity to put into practice the background knowledge acquired throughout the EUROSUD programme.

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Hi everyone! Iโ€™m Vukan and Iโ€™m currently finishing the EUROSUD Masters programme at UAM in Madrid while interning with the OECD in Paris.

Two years ago, I chose this programme because of its multi-disciplinary structure that combines courses in politics, IR, history, sociology and modern languages. Thematically, I chose it because of my interest in South Europe which began during my student exchange in Milan where I learnt about the significance of the region as the EUโ€™s southern border and as a climate change hotspot.

My past three semesters were taught in Glasgow, Athens and Madrid and were packed with new theory, essays, group projects and guest lectures. Now, I am happy to report that I am applying in practice, at the OECDโ€™s Public Affairs and Communications Directorate, what Iโ€™ve learnt over the course of my degree. As the Directorate's intern, I have been researching and writing briefings ahead of Global Parliamentary Network meetings, assisting with the launch of a new youth advisory board and helping the media team with their engagement with journalists.

Thanks to EUROSUD and the OECD, I have realised that international cooperation is an area that ties together my academic background and practical skills and is where I hope to stay after graduation!