EUROSUD students may apply for funding for activities linked to the programme and/or their related career development that reflect the ethos and learning objectives of the degree programme. Below, we hear from Adriana, who used the fund to attend a four-month French course at the Institut Français de Grèce whilst studying in Athens

In my final semester, I’m lucky to be attending a four-month French course at the Institut Français de Grèce. This institute is connected to the French Embassy in Athens, and it’s known for its approach that prioritises communication and immersive learning. I’ve chosen to take one of their online courses, but this does not mean I won’t get to see that beautiful building at Kolonaki regularly! They offer many cultural experiences all year round – from conferences to French film festivals, they will provide me with many excuses to return to it and make myself at home. Not to mention how useful that library will be, no one can stop me from trying to read the original version of The Count of Monte Cristo now.

I know what you are thinking. Using the career development fund to learn French? Groundbreaking (just scroll through the posts in this blog, it’s not a particularly creative decision from my side). But, in my defence, that are plenty of good reasons to solidify this language and get it officially in my CV. French is one of the “procedural” languages of the European Union – so if you intend to work at one of the European institutions, having a good level in this language gets you one step closer at achieving this dream. Don’t ask me what my dream is, we’ll slay that dragon once we get there.

Learning French can be particularly useful for my studies focused on Southern Europe. As of today, I’ve been lucky to have studied in every country covered by this masters apart from France. Tackling this language would open the last door standing – and allow me to access first-hand sources that could deepen my understanding of French Politics.

I’m very grateful to have the financial contribution of EUROSUD. I’ve been meaning to go back to this language for 5 years now, and I hope this opportunity will allow me to break away from the mental block that has stopped me from communicating in French in the past. Wish me luck!