Our Chinese Vlogger, Aiqian

As a Chinese Vlogger, a video I posted on Bilibili’s platform exceeded 1 million(100万) plays on June 19. It introduces the slides “Parabelrrutsche”in the building of the Technical University of Munich in Germany. The slides can be quickly slid down from the third floor, fulfilling the students’ dream of leaving classroom by slides.

I also introduced the EUROSUD programme in my vlogs. Three Mobilities and Lisbon’s winter school allowed me to travel in 22 countries in a year and a half. During this period, I gained knowledge and experienced the local life and culture of southern Europe.

Aiqian says ” I am honoured to have received funding from the EUROSUD Career Development Fund, which will be used for more video editing and promotion. I also believe that more students will be interested in the application of EUROSUD and then benefit from this perfect programme“.