EUROSUD students may apply for funding for activities linked to the programme and/or their related career development that reflect the ethos and learning objectives of the degree programme. Below, we hear from Anne, one of our Research Track students on how she was able to continue learning Italian in Copenhagen thanks to the fund. 

Thanks to financial support from the EUROSUD Studies and Career Development Fund, I am able to attend a B2 Italian language course at Studieskolen in Copenhagen. I started learning Italian during my third semester at Aix-Marseille Université, and I am thankful for the chance to continue studying the language this semester as well.

As a student of the research track, I am currently writing my dissertation during the fourth and final semester of the EUROSUD program. Improving my language skills will hopefully prove to be an asset when I soon finish the master program and begin my job search. My hope is to continue working as a journalist but with a specialization on South European issues.

As I have already worked on my language abilities in Spanish and French, both before and during the master’s program, I think Italian could be a good addition to these skills. The language school is known for its good reputation, engaged students and native speaking teachers, so I am already happy about attending the course. I am therefore very grateful to the EUROSUD Career Development Fund for making this a possibility!