EUROSUD students may apply for funding for activities linked to the programme and/or their related career development that reflect the ethos and learning objectives of the degree programme. Below, we hear from Mercedes, who used the fund to attend a two-week French language and culture summer course at Aix-Marseille University. 

As I wrapped up my final semester at EUROSUD, I decided to dive into learning French at the Alliance Française of Genova. Opting for one of their group sessions, I immersed myself in a vibrant linguistic and cultural experience. The Alliance Française didn’t just offer classes; it provided a range of engaging activities, from interesting game nights to fun French film festivals.

French has always had a special place in my heart. Its beauty, culture, and global significance have captivated me for as long as I can remember, particularly since my time studying in Toulouse. Recently, I’ve chosen to improve my French skills, not just for personal enrichment, but also to improve my career opportunities and to explore the Francophone world further.

In my pursuit of an international career, I’ve come to realise the importance of French proficiency: it opens doors to numerous opportunities, whether in multinational organisations or diplomatic settings.

Moreover, the chance to immerse myself in the diverse cultures of the Francophone world was too compelling to resist. Becoming proficient in French wouldn’t just facilitate meaningful connections but also offer firsthand insights into social and political affairs.

EUROSUD provided the perfect platform for me to achieve these goals. With its interdisciplinary approach and global perspective, it not only helped me improve my language skills but also broadened my understanding of Southern Europe and its ties to the Francophone world.

As I continue on this journey, I’m excited to see where my language proficiency will take me.

Eugenia Rossi