This year the EUROSUD Winter School happened in Lisbon from February 27th until March 1st.

EUROSUD is taught over 2 years, starting at the University of Glasgow, where all students can meet and study there for one semester, followed by Athens or Madrid in semester 2. In the final year students can choose among Marseille, Madrid, Athens and Rome.

This is a great opportunity to develop soft skills and learn about different cultures. On the other hand, many say that the biggest challenge for EUROSUD students is being separated from their friends on the journey after Glasgow.

The Winter School is an opportunity for everyone to meet again, catching up about where they are doing their internship or what they are researching for their thesis.

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Do you also want to make friends from all over the world living in 3 different countries? Applications to join this EUROSUD cohort are now open – apply here today!