One of the most exciting aspects of being a student of an Erasmus mundus programme like EUROSUD, it is the opportunity to spend two years with students from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. This multicultural environment provides EUROSUD cohorts to develop very important working skills in areas like teamwork. The international features of this master motivated me to improve my French skills. That is why I signed up for a B2 course of this language. Now, thanks to the funds provided by the Career Development Fund, I am willing to apply for the DELF B2 exam, in order to improve my linguistic competencies.
EUROSUD is a master where I believe the knowledge of languages is extremely important. Students from EUROSUD have a background in political sciences, international relations and political economy have a very complete international training. Thus, thanks to this master, we will be able to obtain jobs in many international companies or organisations. Therefore, languages are a really remarkable tool to develop the skills we are achieving while studying this master.
Now, part of our cohort are currently studying in Athens, in the National and Kapodistrian University. We are learning about Yugoslavia, its dissolution, and all the ethnic conflicts as a result of it. After years of war and tensions, diplomacy had to prevail in order to put an end to these terrible events that happen in the 90s. Thus, in order to participate in international events and summits whose objective is the settlement of disputes, the knowledge of languages is a significant value. French is one of the most important languages worldwide, so being fluent in it could be very useful in international conferences. As, knowing this South European language enables me to approach more confidently to people from other nationalities and interact with them in their native language. This may allow me to develop closer ties with them rather than limiting myself to one language, like English.
In conclusion, EUROSUD is a master where intercultural communication is learnt very deeply, due to the enriching international atmosphere you are in while studying the master. The opportunity to live and study in three different countries is something I had never thought about. But, thanks to EUROSUD, this is possible. Therefore, I certainly believe that studying French will help me a lot to develop a good future career.

By Julen Ortiz Villar