My EUROSUD Internship at the NewGen Peacebuilders

Hi! My name is Merima, a second year EUROSUD students from Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am currently finishing my year at Autonomous University of Madrid while also interning with the NewGen Peacebuilders, an NGO from the US.

The opportunity to study in various locations, and now even do an internship in another, has been a truly eye-opening opportunity! I have managed to pick up so many lessons, experiences, and connections at each of the locations, helping me become informed in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Southern Europe. I believe this type of experience would have only been possible with EUROSUD.

At NewGen Peacebuilders, I work on a research project on positive peace and peace education in the Western Balkans.  My engagement with this specific topic began while the organization was doing a “pilot program” with another NGO already present in the region. The results from the pilot program raised even more questions and interest in the region, as well as what else can be done, in a more meaningful and impactful way.

I have always been interested in informal education and what can be done in the region with young people that hasn’t been done so far! I love working on the ground and seeing months of research and planning come to reality, so I truly hope that whatever we find out at the end of my internship results in a great opportunity for the countries and young people from the region. I remain grateful to EUROSUD for inspiring us to think outside of the box and push our limits!