The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is offering a new course taught during the mobility in Greece. The course is titled ‘Climate Crisis: Policies and Diplomacy in Southeast Europe.

Offered by Prof. Emmanuella Doussis, UNESCO Chairholder on Climate Diplomacy, this course aims to:

  • Explore the climate policies of Southeastern European countries
  • Map these courses in the context of the international and European framework
  • Highlight the challenges ahead to achieve just transition and climate neutrality by 2050, whilst building societal resilience to address the impacts that cannot be avoided.

The course views climate change not only as an environmental problem which requires technical solutions, but also as a social problem where the solutions expand to include economic, political, cultural and institutional changes. Some of these solutions have the potential for transforming society in ways that address multiple goal challenges, including poverty and inequality, food insecurity, water insecurity, biodiversity loss and health crises.

This course will be offered in the academic year 2023-2024. Interested? Applications to join this EUROSUD cohort are now open – apply here today!