EUROSUD students may apply for funding for activities linked to the programme and/or their related career development that reflect the ethos and learning objectives of the degree programme. Below, we hear from Mercedes, who used the fund to attend a two-week French language and culture summer course at Aix-Marseille University. 

I am currently enrolled in the Spanish B1 course at the Spanish Language and Culture Center “Iberia,” thanks to the incredible opportunities provided by EUROSUD and the Career Development Fund.

As a student in the International Master of South European Studies program, I place a high value on learning South European languages. This skill is critical in understanding the culture and society that define this distinct region.

In my second year of EUROSUD, I am studying at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) while also doing an internship at the Lab Innovation, Technology, and Public Management (IT_GesPub). This research group is formally associated with the Department of Political Science and International Relations at UAM. Accessing and reviewing primary sources in Spanish is critical for me, as it helps me conduct thorough research at the Lab.

Moreover, improving my Spanish skills is vital for gaining the essential insights required for my professional dissertation within the EUROSUD program. I am confident that knowing Spanish will enhance the quality and depth of my academic work, allowing me to make a significant contribution to the field of academia.

Yet, the significance extends beyond academia. Proficiency in Spanish opens doors to a broader spectrum of job opportunities, particularly in South Europe. As I imagine my career post-graduation, whether within international organizations or think tanks, the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish promises a future full of diverse and exciting possibilities.