The EUROSUD Consortium is pleased to announce that there will be one competitive EUROSUD tuition fee only scholarship available from April 2020 onwards (for students starting in September 2021).

This tuition fee scholarship will be offered to applicants on the EACEA Scholarship waiting list and to self-funded students.

Erasmus+ grant funding

Self-funded students participating in the EUROSUD programme may benefit from receipt of Erasmus+ grant funding, which the Consortium will apply for on the students’ behalf. This funding is dependent on availability in a given semester; however, when available it usually equates to around 300-350 euros per month for six months during mobility 2, and six months during mobility 3.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Finance Loans

NOTE: the scholarships/loans information above are administered independently, therefore any communication should be made directly to the provided contacts as EUROSUD office has no input.

Fee waiver

For entry in September 2021 there is one Home/EU Fee Waiver. Please do not contact us, if you are considered for this, we will contact you.